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Fast track to time back + The Networking One-to-one – The Business Wisdom Show Podcast EP02


Neil J Lloyd talks with time management expert, Mandy Healey of Aspiration Station and business mentor, James Thomas of UW.

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Boost your business wisdom with critical insights from time management guru Mandy Healey and master networker James Thomas. Mandy shares hard-won strategies honed from her senior leadership roles to overcome procrastination and distraction. Learn how to prioritize important tasks, avoid the high costs of context switching, and continually improve your systems, even if you think you have things covered. James unpacks the keys to successful networking – going beyond transactions to foster genuine mutually beneficial relationships. Discover how to set clear goals, understand ideal connections, facilitate warm introductions, lead with value and keep your messaging crisp. Whether you’re looking to build an unstoppable daily routine or accelerate your growth through strategic alliances, this episode has easy-to-implement tips to maximize your productivity, strategic relationships and ultimately your business success. Tune in now to start achieving your goals!

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