Your Questions Answered

When, where and how often are Zokit events?

We host global and local online events across a network of hubs.

Events are at a variety of times of day.

We run, on average, 3 events a week.

You can find out more abour specific times and locations on our events page.

Global events are designed for anyone to attend from anywhere. Local Hub events are designed for business owners and directors who want to connect and build relationhips with other businesses in their local area, tap into local know-how and expertise and for busineses wanting to expand into the area.

If you’d like to launch a Zokit Home Hub in your city or region, please get in touch for more information.

Who comes to Zokit events?

Zokit is for growth-minded business owners, directors, leaders and decision makers from across a range of sectors.

As a member, do I have to attend every meeting in the Hub I join?

Not at all. Attendance in entirely up to you though we do require a 50% hub meeting attendance rate if you’d like to retain your seat at your chosen hub as a hub member. If you wish, you can invite a substitute to attend in your place for meetings you can’t make. If you are unable to meet the 50% quota over a six month period, your hub membership will simply be transferred to our central (non location specific) hub and you will retain your hub plan benefits.

For members on our Booster plan, you can attend the UK Global events as often as you like – there is no mandatory attendance rate. 

What are Zokit events like?

All our meetings are friendly, informal and professionally facilitated. Meetings are online, using Zoom or Hopin and last about an hour.

We alternate the style and format of meetings to keep things fresh.

There are 3 broad meeting types for our Hub events:

Networking: introduce your business with a 30 seconds each round, one-to-one appointments, shout outs, member focus feature and 7minute wiZdom about something useful to grow your business.

BiZtalk: inspiring speaker with direct access Q&A and breakout group networking

Deep Dive: businesss mastermind with peer mentoring groups, problem solving, support and action focused accountability for your strategic growth.

For our Zokit wide events we have…

Zokit Global Networking:
World class speaker, breakout rooms, speed networking and one-to-one appointments. Monthly

Discover and discuss the most impactful ideas from the brightest minds. Monthly

Weekly dropin sessions for mentoring or support. Mondays 9.30am.


Please see individual event pages for the specific format. You can browse and book events here.

How many people attend Zokit. meetings?

We generally welcome between 10 and 50 businesses at our regular meetings depending on the type of meeting. We like this variety – the smaller meetings give us chance for longer conversations and building deeper connections, the larger meetings open up lots of new contacts. Meetings have a mix of members and guests. Our conference and expo attract hundreds of businesses.

Am I tied into a long membership contract?

No long contracts here…

For members paying monthly:

The BOOSTER, HUB and ZENITH plans have a minimum contract is 3 months. After this time, if you wish to leave, you just need to let us know and we’ll cancel your membership immediately.

If you commit to a 12 month contract and pay your membership fee up front you get a discount on the membership fee (2 months free).


What's the membership cost?

This depends on the membership plan.

See our pricing on the Join page here.


Can I try before becoming a member?

Yes, you can come along once to one of our  Networking or BizTalk meetings as a guest to try it out before making a decision to join.

To book a Deep Dive you first need to be a member.

How do I book to visit or join?

You can book as a guest through our online booking system (we use EventBrite). To book a visit online, see our forthcoming events. If you’d like to have a chat before you visit or you would like to discuss going ahead and joining straight away please call the hub leader using the contact details in the EventBrite event description or our main office on 02921 111 232. You can also join online here.

Can I go to any event as a member?

This depends on your plan:

BOOSTER members can attend the monthly Zokit Global Online meetings, monthly BizBookClub meetings, Expos, weekly drop-in Power-Ups and selected Open Days and Launches.

HUB and ZENITH members can attend all weekly meetings in their home hub plus all meetings listed in the Booster Plan above. You also have roaming rights to the other Hubs if the specialism isn’t already filled at a specific meeting by the member of the other hub. This gives you the best of both worlds: build strong working relationships in your home hub and access the wider Zokit network.

If you find a different hub suits your needs more, you can apply to transfer.

Are business categories restricted to one member per category in each Hub?

Global Networking, Power Ups, Expos and BizBookClubs are open with no business specialism exclusivity.

Weekly Hub meetings are run with one member per principal specialism. We aim to have a balance of sectors at each meeting to encourage cross-pollination of ideas and industry networks.

Can I join more than one Hub?

Yes! If the seat is available, you can join more than one hub. There is a 25% discount on the membership fee of second and third hubs.