It’s NOT just our logo that’s green…

EnviroNmental Policy

Zokit is a carbon negative, climate positive organisation.
We believe great business can be done in alignment with our planet by being mindful of impact and innovative in approach.

Our commitment to continually improve environmental performance

Online Events & Remote Working

95% of our business development events and team meetings are online, reducing carbon from travelling

Paper Light & Responsible Purchasing

We limit paper use and only use sustainably sourced paper, which we recyle. We also strive to reduce, reuse and recycle other forms of waste and purchase responsibly from verified suppliers

Energy Efficiency

We use LED lighting, efficient heating, renewable sources and effective insulation wherever possible and minimise use of electrical power

Tree Planting

We more than offset any residual carbon with tree planting in the UK and further afield. We also plant a tree for every new member who joins, which grows alongside their business in our community forest.


We invite all our members, colleagues, contractors and suppliers to maintain high environmental standards