Our Terms & Conditions

We’ve kept these nice and simple – who needs even more red tape!


  • Initial and ongoing approval of membership is a right reserved by the management team
  • Monthly membership fees to be paid by direct debit unless special permission is granted
  • Annual or monthly membership in advance is not refundable
  • One month’s written notice is required for terminating membership
  • The minimum contract for Hub members is 6 months then monthly rolling
  • The minimum contract for Zenith members is 12 months the twelve-monthly or anually rolling.
  • Member code applies to all members: ♦ Represent myself and business authentically and honestly ♦ Be positive and supportive in attitude ♦ Provide services to the quality and price quoted ♦ Contribute constructively ♦ Not be pushy or ‘salesy’ ♦ Be welcoming and respectful to all Zokit members & guests  ♦  Contribute to the growth of the hub ♦ Continue to nurture business
  • Hub members who do not meet the minimum 50% attendance rate for their hub will be transferred to central membership 
  • Like any event anywhere, we can’t guaranteee the number of attendees for each meeting
  • If a hub time changes or closes we’ll work with members to find a suitable alternative hub
  • Most hubs meet weekly with breaks for holidays

Events and Training

  • At least 2 days notice is required to cancel your booking for single ticketed events under £20 value, otherwise the full meeting fee is due
  • At least 30 days noticed is required to cancel expo stands, training or tickets above £20 value. An advanced notice cancellation fee will also be applied of at least 50% of the ticket value. 100% of tickets/orders is due if cancelled within 21 days of the event.
  • For specific terms and conditions for special events such as awards and expos, please see the relevant terms and conditions of the event for any changes and additions
  • Photography and video may occasionally be taken at events for use in our marketing materials. Please let us know in writing before the start of the event if you do not wish to be in the resulting published media
  • Online events maybe recorded and distributed to attendees.
  • We can accept no responsibility for changes to or cancellations of events
  • We cannot make any guarantees about attendance levels at any event or for how many enquiries you may receive.


Please note a £40 – £100 administration fee plus interest is added to late payment of an invoice.

After 30 days overdue, your account may be escalated to our debt recovery service who will add a late payment surcharge of £40 – £100 per invoice plus interest at 8% over the Bank of England rate in accordance with The Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998. This is to compensate for the interest and administrative time and cost required to chase the late payment.

Continued non payment may result in legal action.



  • Your information is not sold or rented to any third party
  • You can unsubscribe from our mailing list at any time
  • more about our privacy policy can be found here


  • If you’re attending an on location event with Zokit we ask you conduct a lateral flow test on the day at least 30 minutes before travelling to the event and only attend if you have a negative test result
  • Please do not attend our our on location events if you have any Covid-19 like symptoms
  • We ask all attendees to respect other’s personal space preferences during the event