Meet The Team

HEAD HONCHO – The Brains Behind Zokit

Neil Lloyd
07989 440638
Neil set up Zokit in 2013 after running a successful digital marketing agency and business coaching and training consultancy. He’s been in business since the age of 16 and has also held various senior management roles in the public sector. Monmouthshire born and bred, he’s lived in Cardiff for over 15 years. He says “The future success of business is in the power of networks, collaboration and knowledge sharing.”
Random fact: Neil once met David Bowie in a book shop in San Francisco but had to cut the encounter short as his travel partner became starstruck, started hyperventilating and had to be carried off.


Bob Kennedy
Hub Leader for RCT & Cardiff North / 07918080749
Bob heads up Anchor Success, a company that helps business owners and individuals improve their selling ability via masterclasses and one to one coaching. He is also Managing Director of Mynt Apps, a company providing mobile marketing apps.  With a background in corporate sales, he has a wealth of knowledge about business and people.

Random fact: Bob worked with the Royal Family for 3 years!

Sherona Treen-Coward
Bridgend Hub Leader / 07816821056
Sherona runs Virtual Office Solutions, based from Bridgend and is experienced running events and projects for SME and corporate clients internationally.

Random fact: Sherona was at the launch / unveiling of the Sinclair C5 at Alexandra Palace in 1985.


Dyfrig Thomas
Vale Hub Leader / 07766 952913

Dyfrig runs LEFf Business Development and Consulting. He is a business coach based in Penarth and has extensive experience in the education sector and with SMEs



Karen Brown – Member Admin / 07894 556 361
Karen runs Cakes Simply, making delicious coffee shop style cakes for local business. She also runs Office Simply, providing administrative duties to small businesses such as Zokit! Karen is from Cornwall and has lived in the Cardiff area since 2005. Her background is in early education but has recently returned to follow her passions for baking, organising and networking! You can never have too many coffee and cake appointments scheduled in your diary!

Karen is there to update the website members page and to help Head Honcho Neil to keep in touch and update Zokit members of upcoming events in the Zokit calendar. Please feel free to contact Karen with any queries related to these things.

Maria Williams – Marketing Maven
Maria is a journalist and former press officer with 25 years of experience and the contacts to make your small business headline news.Maria loves to read, and walk, and runs a food blog, Gusto, so she is often seen at South Wales food festivals. Maria is a music lover, a lover of comedy gigs, and a Twin Peaks obsessive. (The owls are not what they seem…)
 Maria’s Zokit role as Marketing Maven uses her knowledge and connections to share her trusted opinion, helping Zokit members make relevant networking connections.
Avril Carter – Guest Liaison
Avril is a Zokit member and works for Utility Warehouse. Previously, she has been a professional fundraiser and worked in the third sector for over 35 years. She started at the age of 8 raising money for Barnardo’s with a garden table top sale and the rest came naturally. The things Avril likes doing best are travelling, gardening and championing conservation (especially owls, swifts and orang-utans). Avril is here to ensure that our guests’ needs are met and to form relationships and connections between Zokit guests and our members.
Sally Thomas  – Event Angel
 07398 719852
Sally  has been a Forever Living Distributor since April 2016 and it has changed her personally for the better in that year. Her role as Event Angel for the Zokit Bridgend Hub is as meet and greet for the members and visitors, taking money
for the event as required and handing them a badge so everyone knows who they are!

Sally loves rock music, live gigs and renovating furniture when she finds the time.   Random fact: Sally loves cats and is known in a good way as a crazy cat lady, currently having 7 cats and 4 kittens living at home!

Brian Fakir – Vale Hub Biz Wiz 

Brian is Biz Wiz & Marketing Co-Ordinator for Zokit Vale. His role is to tell you when events are happening and how to get there. He is booking members in for Biz Wiz slots at Zokit events. If you have a story to tell, if you have been on a journey and its helped you become who you are, or you have a skill or hints and tips that will help the other members in their own businesses, or you may just want to get something off your chest. please get in touch with Brian to book a Biz Wiz slot.

Gareth Harris – Bridgend Biz Wiz

Gareth has spent many years collecting ‘bits’ of information that can make you think about your business in a slightly different way. At each Bridgend meeting Gareth will be spending a couple of minutes sharing one of these bits of business wisdom. 


Dale Edmonds – Guest Liaison
[profile to follow]