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Book refreshingly different Global and Local business events.  

Local hub events will continue to be held online until the green light is given for physical gatherings (we then plan to host a blend of online and on location events).



Formats will vary slightly depending on the location and facilitator and to meet the needs of attendees. See specific events in the calendar for more details.



UK Global

Build your network and business know-how from anywhere. Free for members on our Booster Plan and above. You can try an event once as a guest to see how it works.

Business Networking & BizTalk: UK Global Online Meetings, Fortnightly Thur 4pm UK Time 

Local Hubs

Be part of a power group of synergistic businesses, developing deeper working relationships and get promotion from the hub team. Free for members on our Hub or Zenith plan. You can try a Hub Networking event once as a guest to see how it works.

 Cardiff,  Weekly Wednesday 8am

 Vale Online, Monthly Monday and Monthly Thursday 12.30pm- 1.30pm

Newport Online, Fortnightly Tuesday 12pm – 1pm