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Tips for Exhibiting at a Business Expo

Exhibiting is one of the most cost-effective and high impact marketing activities available to a business.

It’s a great way to meet prospective customers and partners, strengthen your existing working reationships, see the lay of the business land, speak directly to your target market, discover opportunities, platform your brand, position your expertise, get known and be seen as a market leader and launch a new product line or service.

Here are some tips to maximise engagement and results from exhibiting…

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Plan with your team

What do you want to achieve from the expo? How many people do you need on the day? Who will do what? What do you need to dress your stand? What do you need to design/order in advance? How will  you attract visitors to your stand and engage with them? How will you collect information and incentivise the right people? Liaise with the organiser to maximise the opportunity (e.g. prime stand positons, sponsorship, delegate bag access, advertising in the expo magazine).


Market your stand

Promote your stand online in advance letting people know you’ll be there. This maintains your visibility, positions your business as a key player and provides a pressure-free neutral space for potential clients to be invited to meet you.


♦ Create an Offer

Something that will appeal to your target market. You may also like to have a prize draw.



During The Event


♦ Arrive early 

As early as possible to set up – ideally the day before if you can


♦ Don’t clutter

Keep your table tidy or consider removing the table completely. Less is more!

♦ Stand Up

If you can – it’s best not to have any chairs as they become barriers (unless you’re using the space to create a consulting room feel)


♦ Interact and be friendly

Without being pushy. Remember to smile!


♦ Take notes

Collect visitor information usefully and legibly – this will make the after event activities easier. Remember to be GDPR compliant.

♦ Take photos / video

And post to social media


♦ Visit other exhibitors

They too could be potential clients, partners or suppliers.

After The Expo


♦ Follow Up!

Identify your best leads and follow these up first. Usually it’s best to phone and then follow up with a personal email. Keep your CRM updated.

♦ Maximise marketing

Let people know you had a great day and post your media on social. Maybe extend your offer. Connect with the social media accounts of businesses you met. Announce winners if you were running a prize draw. You can create a whole campaign from the day covering what you offer, the types of conversations you had, what you learned etc. Also, now you can nurture your new list or qualified prospects!



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