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by | Jun 21, 2021

What’s In A Name?

One of the questions we get asked quite often is what does the name “Zokit” mean?

So I thought I’d pop the story of our brand name right here!

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It all started early one morning, about 4am on a clear spring day, after I had been spending the previous few weeks figuring out what I wanted for the next stage of my life and business…

I had the concept already in my mind. Something new that offered an alternative, better way of helping people build the business of their dreams and create a remarkable life.

Now I needed a name. One that would hold the vision in its entirety and evolve as we did.

I went through the imagination and creativity process that I had taught many times to C-suite directors, writing down ideas, words, drawing mind maps, scribbling free hand with giant crayons and more…

Suddenly this word, Zokit, emerged. It sounded right, rang true and well, the rest is history …and of course the future.

Here’s a quick summary of some of the key themes that make up the name….

Z – begin with the end in mind

O – a network, circle and community of business owners, entrepreneurs and leaders. A shared oracle of business wisdom and a portal to reaching the next level

K – knowledge is key

I – innovation, impact, integrity, independence and identity. The person or ‘i’ being at the heart of true success

T – trust. Business grows at the speed of trust. Promoting and connecting trusted providers / advisers 

KIT – a toolkit / kitbag for business adventurers to keep on track and optimise

IT – tech enabled to leverage the latest in digital

. – the full stop is there for focus

Colour – green means ‘fresh’ and ‘growth’ …and is the colour for ‘go ahead!’

..and of course the name rhymes with Rocket!

So now you know! 🙂


Thank you to Stephen Davies of for the logo reveal video.



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