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by | Apr 15, 2021


Whatever your business is, whatever size it is, whatever stage of growth it’s in… you can enter a business award.

Here are 7 reasons why entering an award is great for business.

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1. Cost-effective Marketing

Awards are often overlooked in marketing strategy. Just being shortlisted as a finalist will raise your profile, getting your brand in front of potential new customers. Not only will the awards organisers promote your business but you can also leverage PR and marketing… including the award logo on marketing materials, distributing a winning press release and announcing your win through your social media channels. Often, the application itself generates fresh copy that you can re-purpose for your website, leaflets, articles and future awards. Most awards are relatively low cost to enter and attend compared to other types of marketing that offer a similar impact.


2. High Level Networking

Attending the award-giving event is an opportunity to make new connections and build relationships with other award-level businesses. Who knows, who you might meet that person you don’t yet know that could lead to a new client or partnership.


3. Increased Credibility

Being an award-winner or finalist positions your business as noteworthy. It’s a third party endorsement that promotes collaborator and customer confidence.


4. Attracting Talent and Investment

The best talent likes to work with the best businesses. Being an award-winning business is social proof that your business is worth the most talented people investing their career with with you.


5.  Team Motivation

Winning an award is the ultimate recognition of your team’s hard work. It’s a real boost for staff morale and retention and the perfect time to celebrate and thank your team.


6. Benchmarking

Applying for awards is a great way to evaluate your current business models and how you are engaging with your community. Just the application process alone can make you look at your business from a different perspective and appraise how you fit with the market place. It’s also a chance to stretch your aspirations by seeing what other businesses have achieved.


7. Brand Differentiation

An award sets you apart and gives you an edge over your direct competitors. It can be a deciding factor when potential clients are choosing providers.

The most useful awards are not just about the winning, they are a way to inspire excellence and create opportunities to take your business to the next level.

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