Do you have a ready answer at networking events?

I have stopped asking this one in fact because if you have just come across a networking newbie they will tell you: in fine detail.

The experienced networker will have a ready answer however. It will beg more questions yet give enough to be windswept and interesting. It will be different to what is said in their short 40 second / 1 minute intro .

And think about it! If you are going to attract some business, they are not really interested in what you do but rather what you can do for them! That is different. It is also an exercise in psychic ability because you have not had the chance to tease out what they do to give you grounds for thinking there could be interest here.

So in short, concentrate on the results and the benefits of what you do and not the mechanics. Try working your way round these statement starters:

“You know when…”
“Well what I do is…”
“The results will be …”
“And the benefits are…”

Building a short speech around these principles will get you going. Less is more though so do not go on at any length unless asked for further clarification. When it comes to a version for your 1 minute intro speech you could top and tail it with a quick witted summary phrase based on your strapline (your tag line).

Make it memorable. That is after all the best you can expect. Actual business may be further down the line. The networking meeting is not really the place to strike a deal. That needs a better time, and probably a 121 meeting, over a coffee perhaps.