You started well, with interesting, engaging tweets …but then business got busy and you didn’t have the time to give your Tweets so much thought …and soon you are just retweeting everything and broadcasting ‘lazy salesy’ tweets or lots of @replies to get people’s attention and beg a retweet …with no actual content or dialogue. Now you’re wondering if the whole thing is worth it… you’re boring yourself as well as your followers and tweeting has become just another admin task to add to your ever-growing, never ending list of things to do.

Sound familiar?

Most of us have been there!

Here are 22 Top Tips to help you stand back and reclaim your Twitter mastery!

  1. Think of Twitter as a big party or networking event…
  2. Start and continue meaningful conversations (that aren’t ‘salesy’)
  3. Be interesting and memorable
  4. Have a purpose to your tweets
  5. Show your personality
  6. Be courteous
  7. Fill in your profile fully
  8. Use a high quality image/photo for your profile and header pics
  9. Stay on topic (for most of the time)
  10. Show up and tweet consistently
  11. Share great content
  12. Give behind the scenes insights to your business
  13. Respond and retweet authentically
  14. Be retweetable
  15. Keep it short (under 100 characters)
  16. Experiment with hashtags (not too many in a single tweet)
  17. Use engaging images in tweets
  18. Listen (and use Twitter Search and Advanced Search)
  19. Use lists to keep track of your favourite tweeters
  20. Tweet relevant tips
  21. Focus on people (e.g. clients, colleagues)
  22. Be positive!