It took me 25 years to switch to using an electric toothbrush. That’s how long ago my dentist first recommended it.

But I was happy with my manual brush and had formed a good habit of brushing twice daily, with the same amount of toothpaste and same routine. It kept my teeth and gums pretty healthy… except for two little areas I kept missing…

…which led to some expensive dental work and a review of my good habit.

I’m a firm believer that in the main, good enough is good enough… but sometimes what was good enough, no longer is… sometimes new, better strategies need to be used and better habits formed.

My teeth are now getting high praise from the hygienist and I’ve noticed a big difference too.

An added benefit is the two-minute timer and the hypnotic-like gliding of the brush gives me a surprisingly useful few moments to ponder on the day ahead and the day that’s been. Whilst brushing today, I got myself thinking… where else are my good habits preventing me from reaching excellence …and what are the electric toothbrush equivalents for taking my business forward?



Photo by Simon Shim