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by | Jul 6, 2020

5 Ways a Professional Business Development, Support and Networking Group Grows Your Profits and Cuts Your Costs

Last week I caught up with one of our members…

“I’ve been so busy working on an exciting new client project. It took me a while to decide to invest in Zokit membership, I know… but I’m so glad I did as otherwise I wouldn’t have met and connected with the company director who hired us during lockdown”

Here’s what a professional group that’s designed for success can do for you…


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Fast track client relationships

Whether it’s directly with a potential client or through a referral / recommendation, you get to skip through a lot of the intial hoops and get ahead in the process. Smart move!


Supplier Synergy

You’ll save oodles of time and money by working with trusted suppliers in the network that value excellence of service to meet your business needs rather than trying to sell you everything in their shop. Savvy!


Make Better Mistakes

Mistakes are needed in business. It’s how business owners cut their teeth and keep sharp. But not all mistakes are equal. Group members will share their experience to help you avoid the common costly mistakes and maximise your efforts. Now that’s worth knowing!


A Team of Advocates

A good business development manager is, quite rightly, a significant investment …and is still limited by their connections. Imagine having a team of people looking out for business opportunities for you and opening up their network to expand yours…   Hey this group stuff is pretty cool, right!


Social Motivation

We’re social beings, us humans. All the more important to surround yourself with people who create a success environment, cheering you on …and who are also on their own business growth adventure. Priceless!

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