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by | Jul 11, 2020

3 Reasons why you should do a biz wiz 

Why Did You Join a Business Network?

When I worked in the corporate world, I did marketing, business planning and project management, and I have been self employed for 15 years, in the fitness industry and also as a Virtual Assistant.

My goal is to help others (and also make enough money to live the life I have chosen to live along the way)! How can I help others if they don’t know what I do? Obviously, marketing myself and my services is what I need to do; I need people to know who I am, what I do, and how I can help them. There are so many ways to get your message out, but we don’t always know who is receiving our message. Yes, we can pay for targeted marketing, for someone to do amazing marketing campaigns and social media for us, but at the end of the day, people buy from people, not businesses.

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And that’s why networking has become so popular in more recent years, and why I joined Zokit. We know relationships are key to the success of our business, however small or large our business is now, and our future aspirations. So, we join a business network, whether it is a Facebook group, online events, in person events, paid, or free. And then many of us lurk in the background; we maybe attend an event, but don’t feel like we really belong, and so go back to the safety of hiding in the background. So, we don’t get the full benefits of being part of a network.

How Can we Maximise the Benefits to Our Business?

I have learnt is that any network worth belonging to is supportive; everyone in the network wants everyone else to succeed. We aren’t in direct competition with each other, even if we appear to be in the same industry, as we are all individuals, and people choose who to work with based on how they connect with someone. Although we may be offering the same service, we will each deliver it in our own individual way. So get involved!

We all have something to share with others; we are all an expert in our own business. Everyone can learn something from us, and they want to. Not only do they want us to succeed, but they want to continue developing themselves, and what better way, than to learn from the experiences and knowledge of others. My first Biz Wiz (business talk) made me realise that no-one is judging you; everyone is there to listen and learn, and that no matter how small a business may be, how in-experienced you may feel compared to your audience, everyone can take something away from your talk.

So, why should you do a talk?

If I put my marketing hat on for a minute, then I would say, it’s great publicity; your talk will be advertised in the business network, maybe simply to members, or maybe even to a larger audience. And even if people don’t decide to come to the talk, they have seen you as an expert in a specific subject; it may not be till later that they need something, and your name pops into their head from the advertising of your talk. Others may listen to the talk, and you start to build a relationship with them, which leads to work in the future, either with them or through recommendation.

Yes, you do get some of these benefits from simply attending a meeting or event, but you don’t always get to speak to everyone, and you may have one minute to introduce yourself; this is 10 minutes where you can share your knowledge with a captive audience!

And, did I mention it is usually free, or at cost if catering is included as part of the event.

If I come back to my goal, it’s to help others; so, by sharing a little of my knowledge I am achieving my goal, as people want to hear what I have to say.

Another great reason to do a talk is that it will build your confidence; you will realise that you are an expert in your business, and that people want to learn from you and your experiences. You can use this confidence to build new relationships as you have had feedback that you have skills and knowledge that the right people want. It will also help us deal with the setbacks that we do get in business, as we can think back to the positive experience and feedback we have received in the past.

Doing a talk can give you free feedback and coaching; everyone listening to your talk is an expert in their own field and can provide you with great tips for your personal and business development to make you even more successful in the future.

Also, the content you created, and feedback received can be repurposed for more talks, articles, social posts etc.

You may also get fresh ideas how to move your business forward as it can be similar to a brainstorming session where people bring their own thoughts to the table, whether it is in a Q & A session at the end or an informal chat after the talk.



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Sian is a Fitness Professional and Marketing Professional currently offering Virtual Assistant Services to clients in the Fitness and Wellbeing Industries, focusing on Newsletters, Blogs and other content services. Sian is currently studying for a Diploma in Mental Health and Physical Activity to be able to help more people manage their mental health with a holistic approach. Sian lives between South Wales and Gran Canaria, Spain.

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