I want to speak to you about your Big Why: why does your business exist? What’s its point? Its purpose? Why does the world need and want it?


Being clear on your why is crucial for building and growing a successful business that you love.

3 Reasons Why Your BIG WHY is Important

1. You Buy Into Your Business
Connecting your actions to your BIG WHY will give you the drive to take your business forward in the way you want that stays true to your dream. It is your BIG WHY that will keep you motivated, get you leaping out of bed in the morning, ignite your creativity, and keep the bigger picture in focus. You will also have a lot more fun! When supercharged with purpose, your actions become inspired actions.

2. Others Buy Into Your Business
It is your BIG WHY that resonates with people (more that just telling people what you do). Communicating your why not only gives your marketing extra sizzle but makes your business come alive in the hearts and minds of people – more specifically, your tribe. Whether it’s your customers, supporters, team, suppliers, investors, family, friends or people who spread the word about your business or simply listen to your message, it is your passion and your why that inspires people to believe in and buy into what you are doing.

3. You Make a Bigger Difference
Having a a clear BIG WHY clears out the clutter of your business so that it’s focussed on achieving its aim in the fullest possible way. Aligning your strategy and actions with your why ensures that outcomes are on-purpose and the difference you want to make is actually being made, with the greatest and deepest reach into and across the culture – it is then that your business becomes truly transformational.

Your Big Why Statement

Developing your Big Why Statement can seem daunting but is actually easier that you might think. You probably already have an idea of the reasons why your business exists. Can this be encapsulated in a simple, engaging statement that is easy to understand and share?

It’s ideal to keep your why statement brief – just a sentence or two. Perhaps start with the words “I believe…” or “I imagine a world…” or “Everything we do is to….”

The why statement that I’m currently working with is…

I imagine a world where business leaders connect and collaborate to create life enhancing experiences that inspire us to live more, have more, be more and give more.

Personal Why v Business Why

Quite often I find that leaders’ and founders’ personal whys and business whys are wrapped up with each other. Aligning personal and business whys creates a powerful combination that really does encourage you to show up as your authentic self and reach the highest levels of success on your own terms.

Other personal whys may or may not be directly related to your business core why though it is still useful to be clear on these personal whys so that your business continues doing what you want it to do for you as well as delivering its core aims.

Personal whys for running your business, for example, might be that it gives you more flexibility to spend time with your family or friends, travel, live where you want, work from home….

Write down your personal whys for having your business as this will help you stay in control of your business rather than your business controlling you!

Share Your Why

I’d love to hear what your why statement is. Use the comment field below to share your why statement and tell us how you see the world through your business 🙂


If you would like to explore your why, Zokit members can access free one-to-one and group strategy sessions that cover development of your BIG WHY statement. Find out more about joining here or to express interest in our Five Star Business Breakthrough Mastermind or enquire about booking a consultation with one of our coaches, contact us here.