Ever wondered what the biggest success factor is?

As a business owner you’ve probably given this some thought…

What’s the best use of my time and what’s a total waste of my time?

What am I currently doing that gets the best outcomes and what am I not doing that could be the key to the next level of success?

Which frameworks and strategies set my business up for success and which are sabotaging growth?

Well the results are in after a team of researchers have analysed all the variables and figured out the single biggest success factor.

Now, there’s no such thing as a magic bullet in business… but if there was, this would be it!

And the thing that is the greatest predictor of success is….

Simply Being in an OPEN NETWORK!

The more open your network, the more exposed you are to new ideas, fresh perspectives and opportunities.

If you operate in closed networks, you are limiting your chances of greater success.

3 Tips to Open Up Your Network

  • Think outside the box and network in places that you may have dismissed or resisted. Perhaps there are local groups and networks you haven’t yet heard about. As well as professional networking groups, try exploring charity events, self-development groups, seminars and training courses, social organisations, sports and leisure groups and launch events
  • Network with groups that focus on building relationships AND reaching out to expand the network’s reach through encouraging guests and/or hosting a variety of different types of events that attract new contacts and opportunities
  • Be the bridge between different networks: introduce people from one network to another. This is a win-win-win approach for all involved!

Happy (Open) Networking!