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by | Oct 11, 2015

Nail Your Networking with this ONE Thing!

One of the biggest mistakes that people new to networking make is seeing everyone as a prospective client.

Networking is not about selling to the room, it’s about forming strategic, working relationships.

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Part of this is connecting people you meet with other people you know, whether those other people are in the room or not.

It may be you know someone who is actively looking for the services of the person you’ve just met or could be a valued supplier, introducer or is in a position to share some other useful knowledge.

The ONE thing that will skyrocket your business by nailing networking is to…


3 Tips for being a Super-connector

  • Connect people where there is potential synergy – rather than a scatter-gun approach
  • Follow up a verbal introduction/recommendation by emailing or phoning each person to make sure they have each other’s contact details
  • In your communication say why you think it would be worth your contacts meeting

And here’s the thing: when you become a super-connector, you’ll find that people will also make connections for you – and that’s when things really start to get interesting for the growth of your business.

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