As business owners, directors and leaders it can be easy to drive our business activities forward so hard and fast that we lose sight of the bigger picture.

Working in and on our business is only part of the game. For short, medium and long term gain we need to consider all 5 B’s of Business Success:

1. Brain

Our brain, or mind, is a powerful tool for success across all areas of our life. Are you nurturing a healthy mindset? Are you giving yourself time to learn, sharpen your thinking, create mental space and be creative? Are you thinking differently to solve problems? Are you tapping into the power of other people’s minds?

2. Body

Our health and energy levels have a direct impact on our success. Are you giving your body what it needs nutritionally and physically? Are you exercising in a way that works with your health and well being? Are you getting the right amount of sleep and relaxation? Are you adopting healthy postures and breathing?

3. Being

We are more that the sum or our body bits! …Are you operating from a sense of purpose? Are you going about your day and life in a mindful way? Are you developing in an authentic way? Are you connected to the world around you? Do you check in with your values and beliefs?

4. Balance

If we’re not careful, we can let certain activities swamp our time and take up more space than they should in our lives. This can often be at the cost of other life experiences and can also cause stress and lead to narrow thinking. Are you living your life in balance? Are you having fun? Having high quality experiences with people you love? Working smart? Having enough rest? Are all the things you need to do to be you (and the you that you want to be)…. in balance?

5. Business

Mastering the art and science of business (and specifically your business) gives you the tools to navigate your path to success. What is the relationship between you and your business? How is this relationship evolving? Are you tending and enabling others to tend to your business? Is there a clear vision and strategy? Are structures, standards, procedures and processes in place? Are you and your team inspired? Do you have an effective sales and marketing plan that reaches the people who need and/or want what your business offers? Are you focusing on the right things? Is your business learning and growing? Could your business run without you being ‘hands on’? What is the legacy of your business?


When you are making big or small decisions, planning your day, week, month, year and carrying out your activities …are you taking the 5 B’s into account?