Does it ever feel like you’re treading treacle? That you’re running against the wind? Pushing an elephant up the stairs?

Running your own business is a fantastic way of life. It can also be hard work if you’re going against your own grain.

  • Distractions
  • Shoulds
  • Coulds
  • Listening to the wrong advice
  • Not listening to your own intuition

…are just some of the things that can take you off track.

What if you could do ONE thing that would make life and business more successful for you right now?


Yes, that’s right, just face the right direction and keep moving.

If you’ve strayed off your true path, the first thing to do is to get back on your path, whatever that path is for you.

When you move in the right direction, you are already where you need to be. The journey itself is the destination and you can enjoy living in the now as well as looking forward to what’s down the road. You will find success becomes easier and tastes sweeter because it is the success you want for yourself and not someone else’s version of success.

So why not spend a moment each day to ask yourself “Am I moving in the right direction?”

If you’re not, the right direction is just a turn away.