Definition of excuse:
A reason or explanation given to justify an action

Excuses can be seductive. And when someone embellishes an excuse with sophisticated sounding reasons, they seem so legitimate. And for anyone working with others, whether we manage, sell, do therapy, teach, parent, relate to loved ones, practice law, etc., dealing with excuses (our own and others) is an important part of being successful in life.

Here’s the thing: – If you are in charge of your own life and the results that you get, then there are no excuses only decisions and choices.

How do you feel about me saying that??

I often meet people, who want to change their lives, but find an excuse:-

  • I’ve got family problems
  • I’ve got no money
  • It’s not the right time
  • It’s selfish if I take action
  • It’s in my genes so what’s the point
  • My family didn’t care so why should  I?
  • My car’s in the garage to be repaired and I have a lot of bills to pay
  • It’s too difficult to make a start
  • What’s the point?

Knowing that you are at the mercy of thoughts like these can be the trigger for change and it takes a lot of courage to take action!

As you know ???? Einstein says, if you think and do what you’ve always thought and done, you’ll always get the same result (or something like that)

Here’s a practical exercise for those who think that they may be making excuses:

  • Today I am avoiding X
  • My reason for avoiding X is?
  • What would happen if I didn’t avoid X?
  • What would I need to think or believe to tackle the issue and be in charge of my results?
  • Am I going to carry on as I am and accept that I am making an excuse, or take action and do Y? – Either of these is fine as long as you are making a choice. Then it’s not an excuse!


As always, comments are invited and welcome.

Dr Bridget