Addicted to Information
Obsessing about certificates and qualifications
Name-dropping to impress

It sometimes seems the business world is full of people swollen with data and hot air, smartphone in hand and ready to pop at any moment. I’ve certainly been guilty!

It’s Not WHAT You Know: it’s what you do with what you know!

In this hyper-connected world where WiFi is king, it’s all too easy to keep inputting information into our minds in a one-way stream of facts, ideas and platitudes. We can feel compelled to undertake course after course to get validation so we can finally get permission to say we know XYZ.

Success Tips: 1. What do you already know and are not currently leveraging that can make a difference to your business right away? 2. When you’re doing you’re also learning so it’s a win-win. Try keeping a journal of what you’re learning as you go about your business. Hey you can even give yourself a certificate if that helps, or at least acknowledge you’ve achieved greater wisdom. 3. Take inspired action, noticing how your learning informs what you do, how you go about it and what you get.

It’s Not WHO You Know: it’s who knows you!

Have you ever been to a business show or conference where the crowd clambers to get that photo opportunity with some industry celebrity so they can kid themselves they are in that person’s inner circle? “Look at me, I’ve met [insert name of random celebrity], let’s do business!” You can know the most powerful person in the world but if they don’t know what you want and what you’re trying to accomplish with your life (and actually care) then you’re no further forward.

Success Tips: 1. Do the people already in your network know, I mean really know, what you do and where you want your business to go? Why not tell them, even better show them? 2. Are you meeting regularly with your advocates so you can keep growing the (two-way) relationship? 3. Give attention to developing and implementing your marketing, communication and networking strategies – these things are rarely set and forget!

Never before has it been simpler to get traction starting with zero contacts or certificates. It’s about taking concrete action, learning and applying your learning as you go, developing meaningful working relationships and actually getting results that make a difference for you and your customers. Everything else is just dressing.