Being halfway between standard sizes, I dread shoe shopping… my feet are either slipping around or being slightly squeezed. I usually opt for the latter and invest in a pack of plasters to ease the pain of breaking in my new Oxfords or Loafers.

On my way I drop in the pharmacy and select the plasters that look good enough that they won’t easily peel off. The brightly branded, sturdy box shows a promising photo and is emblazoned with the desired qualities: washproof, durable and flexible. “Perfect,” I think.

Shoes purchased, I pick out the plasters from the box and strip away the waxy paper to reveal …the flimsiest, cheapest looking plaster I’ve seen! Although I do my best job to stick them on securely, they almost immediately get ripped off on my walk home, leaving me with blisters and a bad mood.

But the outside of the box had worked! Kind of… after all, I bought the plasters didn’t I?

The thing is, I won’t be buying that brand again… and if they were a higher value item I may have sought a refund. If I was so inclined, I might have vented on social media or left an unfavourable online review.

Marketing is important to get your message out there and connect with your ideal customer… but remember, for trust, loyalty, great reviews and recommendations, what’s inside the box must match what the messages say on the outside.