Recently, we had our first leadership meeting with our new team of Network Leaders.

Finding the right people who can expand the vision of your business can be a daunting and often emotive journey for a founder. I looked to my network for ideas, support and inspiration, and sure enough the right people came forward and I’m delighted to be working with such a fantastic team.

And at our first meeting I got fired!


And boy, did it feel good!

I’m looking forward to being fired from many more things as we continue to build the membership network and take Zokit to the next level.

There’s always a fine line between supporting your top talent and over-directing. Delegation becomes even more important as your business grows and it’s useful to develop the self awareness to know when to let go and fire yourself or let yourself be fired!

Here are my 3 Top Tips for Delegating to high performers

1. Delegate responsibilities rather than just tasks

2. Accept that the person you delegate to will do it THEIR way, not YOUR way

3. Support, communicate and feed back collaboratively