The weird bit between Christmas and New Year is the perfect time for reflection …and for refreshing and renewing your business goals for the year ahead.

Here’s our ‘quick guide’ to getting what you want for your business in 7 simple steps…

1.Want went well in 2013?

Write down every significant thing you achieved in your business 2013. Now pat yourself on the back – well done you!

2. What didn’t go well in 2013?

Write down what didn’t go so well in 2013 and make some notes about why you think they didn’t go well. Don’t beat yourself up about these things – just stick to the facts.

3. What do you want for 2014?

Write down the big things that you want for your business for the year ahead. The key here is to think big! 

4. Create a Vision Board

A Vision Board is a poster board (such as a cork board) where you paste/pin up a collage of inspiring images that are linked to your dreams, desires and goals. You could cut out pictures from magazines or print out images from the web or even draw pictures yourself. Include images for your business and the rest of your life. What would more success in business mean to you? If it means you can buy that villa in Spain, then put an image of that dream villa on your vision board. Anything goes here but keep the imagery rich and resonant. Put your vision board in a prominent place.

5. Goalise

For every significant thing you want for 2014, develop a fully written goal. Your written goal should be specific, have an ‘achieve by’ date, detail how you will track progress, be realistically attainable, describe what resources and support you will draw from and fit into the bigger picture of what you want in life.

6. Action Plan

This bit’s really important! For each goal and write down everything that needs to happen for you to achieve that goal. What have you learned from past successes and failures that you can now bring to bear to ensure you reach that goal? Be as detailed as you can be.

7. Review

Review your goals frequently and refine them as required. Drop goals that you no longer want and add new ones as you see fit.


Have fun designing, developing and achieving your business goals in 2014!