Missing deadlines, purchasing at peak times, choosing non-scaling solutions are all ways you can end up overpaying for your essential services.

Here are some ways BCR Assocociates’ completely free, proactive service helps improve budgeting, cashflow and profit margin for your business.

1. The cheapest time to buy energy is now
Many companies are resigned to winter buying patterns with their contracts running winter to winter because that is how their incumbent supplier has managed their account. This means pricing when historically the energy market is at its peak with a huge amount of demand from domestic users. Don’t wait for your renewal window and a sense of urgency, get pro-active and tender your portfolio of supplies early to get a better price and budget security!

2. Checking Clauses in Telecommunication Contracts
A growing business can be restricted by ill-advised, historical decisions overlooking key clauses in contracts. BCR Associates work with businesses who have committed to telecoms contracts that may not have the products or service levels they now require. With a little work this can be remedied through VoIP system solutions or a buy out part-funded by the savings identified.

3. Scaling Insurance
Most business procurement strategies evolve ‘organically,’ not least regarding business insurance. Settling for adequate cover may suit a current situation, but are your policies scalable so as to grow with the business?

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