At a recent Zokit event, Claire Baker of Boutique HR Consulting shared how she’s implemented Tony Robbins’ 6 Human Needs.

If you are not familiar with this model, here’s Tony explaining them (colourful language notice!):


Many years ago I serendipitously became aware of the 6 human needs at a pizza and pinot evening I stumbled upon in Cardiff. It’s since been integrated into how we developed Zokit over the years.

Claire’s session got me thinking about how the 6 Human Needs manifest across all our processes, behaviours and communications with our members, team, and associates…

CERTAINTY – always at least three business meetings a month (except major holidays) so there’s always somehere soon to focus on developing your business.

UNCERTAINTY – keeping events varied and fresh, inviting a range different guests and exploring a diversity of viewpoints. Leveraging the element of surprise to inspire.

SIGNIFCANCE – really listening to members and understanding what mark they’re looking to make on the world and providing a platform to amplify their message.

LOVE & CONNECTION – creating space for true connection to occur and encouraging a deeper love of business and the good it can do.

GROWTH – facilitating personal and business growth through peer support, business teachings and member-led learning experiences as well as being a sounding board and accountability partner.

CONTRIBUTION – Encouraging sharing of knowledge and wisdom for the benefit of all the network and working with charity partners to raise awareness and funds to help meet the needs of others.

It’s always useful to review how far the needs of the people in your business are being met.

Where are the gaps in your business? …and what are the opportunities to further incorporate the 6 human needs into everything you do?