Most people, when starting a new business or growing their business to the next level, give up at the 3rd Problem. 

At the start there’s so much energy and enthusiasm, it feels like progress is inevitable and unstoppable.

The first hurdle or problem might take us out of our stride momentarily but we usually push through it with sheer will and vim, our team and/or friends and family rally around us, we go into hyper problem solving mode …and we smash it.

Things are back on track.

Then the second problem arises. We take in a deep breath. No-one said this would be easy, right! A bit of doubt might creep in, we find it harder to inspire ourselves and our team, partners or customers to stick with the vision, stay on purpose and work it out. We might stray off path but we’re still hungry for success and ultimately believe in our idea. We bring it on and the second problem is also smashed.

Enter The Third Problem. This one makes the first two problems seem like minor inconveniences. The path ahead looks closed off, too steep, too dark… what if there’s nothing worth it on the other side? Motivation wanes and we start listening to those voices… “Perhaps this isn’t a good idea after all” “I knew it wouldn’t work” “This is why no-one else is doing it.” We start looking around for something else. The energy slumps and people who were supportive before might be less engaged,  seeing the frustration on our faces where they once saw passion. This is the defining moment. What will we do next? Carry on, give up, do something different? We never thought it would be this hard.

But the good news is… success lives beyond the third problem. 

Whatever you decide to do or change, there are always going to be problems. There is no secret shangri-la where your business runs and grows by itself, problem free.

What the third problem gives you is the opportunity to raise your game, it’s the gateway to become a problem solving savant, to be resilient, to find your superpowers and grow into the person you need to become to get the really great stuff for your business and life that you’re looking for.

Don’t let the 3rd problem get in the way. Your success is inevitable. You are unstoppable.