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by | Jul 26, 2020

7 Tips for giving great feedback!

Giving feedback is a key aspect of leadership. Here are some top tips…

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Avoid undue emotion

– talk when you are calm and objective

If you are upset or angry about something you are not going to be able to give good quality feedback!


Be specific & timely! Avoid general comments or leaving it weeks before telling them!

Feedback like ‘You’re doing a great job’ or ‘That was fantastic’ is nice and important to know but isn’t necessarily good quality for development purposes. The individual needs to know specifically what they are doing to be able to continue doing it! The same applies for negative feedback. Use the STAR & STARAR model for giving great feedback.

For praise:
ST- situation or task
A – action
R – result

For feedback for improvement:
ST – situation or task
A – action
R – result
A – alternative actions to get
R – alternative result

Feedback needs to be timely and current so that the individual can remember exactly what happened, not something which happened three or 12 months ago!


Focus on behaviours.

It is imperative that you feedback against observable behaviours. There is a huge difference between (1) ‘You are rubbish at customer service’ and (2) ‘When you were talking on the phone to your provider yesterday, I heard you raise your voice, shout and swear.’ The first statement is general and subjective; the second statement is an observed behaviour – a description of what you saw or heard without assumption or accusation.


Own the feedback

It is important when giving good quality feedback that you own it. ‘This is what I heard, observed or felt and this is the impact it had on me’.


Make feedback a two-way conversation

Feedback is not a speech but a two-way dialogue. You need to listen to understand too!


Avoid giving negative feedback in public

Giving negative feedback in public, even if it is good quality, will not provide the individual with the space or dignity of reflecting on the event. Also remember some people don’t like to be praised in public!



The more you give good quality feedback, the more natural it will become!

Stephanie Evans

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A HR Consultant and Trainer with over 30 years experience across 6 key sectors, Stephanie blends practical approaches to HR that support successful workplace cultures.

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