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by | Apr 28, 2020


The best marketing is happy customers.

Testiminials provide social proof that your business is trusted and gets results.

Every business should have a strategy for receiving and communicating customer reviews / testimonials.

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Top 10 Tips

1. Ask for them!

2. Say why you want the testimonial and what specifically you’d like covered

3. Get it in writing, making it easy to provide

4. …or better still get it on video

5. Request a copy and paste into Google Reviews / LinkedIn Recommendations etc…

6. Ask when it’s fresh  …but also ask previous clients from way back

7. Get a head shot

8. Create some urgency but don’t pester

9. Integrate and automate your testimonial process

10. Include on your website, social media, email footer, marketing materials etc. Remember to include their full name, position and organisation.


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