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Feb 2, 2020

Martin Eagle

“My dream holiday is a log cabin with a roaring fire and 6ft of snow falling outside.”

Zokit interviews sausage dog obsessed sales manager, Martin, for our Behind The Business series.

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Tell us about where you work:

Future Inn Cardiff – a 197 bedroom 4 star hotel in Cardiff Bay, walking distance to Mermaid Quay and with a restauraunt serving fresh Welsh inspired food made from locally sourced ingredients.

How did you get into what you do?

22 Years ago I went past a hotel in Cambridge and saw a wedding going in and I thought to myself I would love to have a job looking after events and weddings. Within 2 Months I was working at that hotel and it all started from there.


Favourite inspiring quote…

“The most Dangerous saying in the English language: we have always done it this way.”


What are you listening to at the moment…

I am reliving my youth with greatest hits of the 90’s in my car!


How do you relax?

Going for a nice bracing walk.


What luxury item is on your shopping list?

An Aston Martin.


What would you say to your ‘five years ago’ self?

To believe in yourself and that you can do it if you put your mind to it.

Favourite Place:

Las Vegas or Moscow.


Who would be round the table at your dream dinner party?

Mmmmm… Queen Elizabeth I, Margaret Thatcher, George Washington, George Michael, Princess of Wales, Napoleon.


Life changing experience?

I have had two:
Moving to South Wales 19 years ago.
Getting married just under 3 Years ago – something I never thought would happen!

What’s next for you in your role?

Focus is on increasing awareness of the hotel and to promote the banqueting potential that the Future Inn has to offer.

How can people get in touch?

How can people get in touch?: You can e-mail me on or by phone on 02920 48711 or 07803147500.


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