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Wed 14th October 2020 | 12.30pm | Cardiff City Stadium (or Online)

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The Zokit Business Awards will be presented at the Zokit Biz Expo on the Wednesday 14th October 2020 at Cardiff City Stadium. The event may need to be moved online.

The awards are open to any business or organisation that operates in South Wales.

The closing date for all entries is 31st August 2020. Once a category has enough eligible entrants it may be closed before this date, so we strongly advise you submit your entry as soon as possible.

The application must be started, completed and submitted in one browser session, so for longer responses we advise you type your answers using your favourite word processing application then copy and paste into the relevant answer fields.

Applying for an award is free although businesses who are shortlisted will need to purchase at least one ticket to the awards lunch so that there is a representative from their business to accept the award if they are announced as an award winner. The ticket price is £29+VAT per person. Businesses will also need to be  member of Zokit to qualify so that we can fully evaluate entrants through our independent judging process. 

  • All finalists will receive a marketing package for all finalists in lead up, during and after the event, including social media promotion, listing in printed event guide and press release distribution

If you haven’t received email confirmation of your application submission from us within 24 hours of submitting your application or you are having difficulty with the application form or require the application form in an alternative format or have any other questions, please contact us on 02921 111 232 or hello@zokit.co.uk


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Category Criteria & Guidance Notes

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Business Evolution

This award recognises businesses that have shown remarkable growth, expansion and/or development over the past year. This could be reaching into new markets, developing new products/services or transforming your culture/improving how you work. Describe what has changed, the challenges overcome and what additional benefits have been realised, including any evidence.

 sponsored by Mitchell Meredith

Start-up Spark

This award recognises new businesses that have great ideas and a big vision to make an impact. Judges will also be looking for a clear path to success and evidence that the management team/owner is driven. Include your business story, where you see the business going over the next few years, what has been achieved so far and how you are going to inspire people to reach your goals.

This award is open to any business operating in/from South Wales that launched no earlier than 2015


This award is for businesses that have made an impact through innovation of a product, service, business model or disruptive marketing approach. Describe what has been innovated and how this has made lives better.

sponsored by Forté Digital Marketing

Inspiring Leader

This award is for the business (or individual) that is leading their field. Describe in what way you are leading, what this means for your industry and customers and how you are inspiring others to up their game.

Personal Development

This award is for businesses or individuals who embrace personal development as a key enabler of business success. Describe what personal development activities you and/or your team have engaged in and how this has contributed to the success of your business. Outline your approach for integrating personal development into your business and how you support yourself and/or your team to continue developing. What personal development needs have you identified going forward?

sponsored by Dr Bridget


This award recognises businesses that value and contribute to the sustainability of profit, planet and people through innovative best practices that run right through everything they do. Describe sustainable processes and how team members/stakeholders are engaged to promote and value sustainability. Include any standards you have achieved or are working towards. Where possible provide evidence of the positive impact on that your actions have had (or will have).

Customer Focus

This award recognises businesses that have exceptional customer service throughout the whole customer journey. Describe how your business is designed with the customer in mind. Include how your business markets to and engages with customers, how intuitive the buying process is and how well the product/service fits with the customers needs. Outline what customer research you have undertaken and how you empower your team to provide excellent customer service. You may also wish to include a link to your customer testimonials.

Outstanding Contribution

This award recognises businesses that have contributed significantly to their community through a credible, results driven programme that reinforces commitment to operate in a socially, economically and environmentally responsible way. This could include community engagement, promotion of employee and community well-being or other ways you feel your business contributes. Describe what activities the business is involved with, the impact this has and how the benefits of theses activities are measured and assured.

Young Entrepreneur

This award recognises the individual under 35 years old (at the time of the awards presentation, 12th June 2020) who is making waves by doing something remarkable. Describe your vision and current entrepreneurial activities, including the impact already made (providing evidence where possible) and future potential. Please note any accolades, supporters and funding you’ve successfully attracted.

Business Enabler

This award recognises the business, organisation or individual that enables other businesses to thrive. Describe how you enable businesses to flourish with examples of success stories you’ve been part of.

Online Influence

This award recognises the business, organisation or individual in business that…

> Has high visibility online including social media, websites and other online services and properties
> Has an ability to affect online actions such as liking, commenting, voting, sharing and buying
> Are seen as being an expert or specialist in their field
> Has a significant network of followers / influence other influencers
> Are trusted and respected for their opinions, advice and recommendations.

The award is judged and also takes online votes into account.

Well-being at Work

This award recognises businesses / organisations that have demonstrated accountability for the well-being of their team and/or customers by promoting good health, enabling new ways of working to suit individual needs and/or providing a framework of support to improve and maintain well-being at work. Describe, giving evidence where possible, how your business / organisation promotes, enables and creates well-being.

sponsored by Mindful Managing


This award recognises the business or organisation that has demonstrated they are pioneering in championing diversity and inclusion in everything they do. How do you ensure diversity and inclusion is achieved throughout? Provide evidence where possible.

Engaging Speaker

The Engaging Speaker Award is for people in business (whether a professional speaker or not) who speak to a business audience. Please outline why you should win the Engaging Speaker Award. Include details of topic(s), audiences, purpose, impact, any previous accolades and testimonials. If possible at this stage, include a link to a video of yourself speaking. If shortlisted we may ask you to submit a video of one of your talks (an existing video will be fine) or alternatively invite you speak to our judging panel.

sponsored by Maverick Communication

Business Author

This award is for authors who write for a business audience, whether this be through book, magazine, blog , articles, column or courses. Judges will be looking for impact and clarity of message.  Describe career and key publications.

High Performance

For businesses and organisations that have created a high performance culture. Describe how you support the development of this culture, what the benefits have been to the team and individuals and the results you have achieved.

sponsored by Cobalt HR

Terms & Conditions

— The Zokit Business Awards 2020 are free for any business to enter as long they operate in South Wales. Finalist will need to purchase at least one ticket to the gala awards dinner held on the evening of 12th June 2020 in Cardiff. Applying for an award confirms that you will save the date and time and purchase at least one ticket if you get shortlisted. The price of a ticket is £97+VAT per person.
— Entry for as many categories that you are eligible for is allowed, though a business wull only be shortlisted for up to 5 categories. All finalists will also be included in the Business of The Year shortlist.
— All information is confidential and will only be used by Zokit and issued to the judging panel for the sole purpose of judging the awards.
— Please note the maximum word count where indicated for responses to the certain questions. This word count limit does not include the questions. Entries exceeding the word count may not be shortlisted
— Entries to the Zokit Business Awards will be judged by a judging panel made of sponsors, independent proven business leaders, including representatives of Zokit.
— No employee or subsidiary of the sponsors of Zokit Business Awards shall be entitled to enter the category they are sponsoring.
— Incomplete entries will not be judged.
— Applicants must have the authority of the business owner to enter their organisation into the Awards.
— Entry forms will become the property of the Zokit and will not be returned.
— Zokit reserves the right to withdraw an award from any applicant supplying false information within their entry.
— The judges’ decision is final and no further correspondence will be entered into.
— Entries that have been shortlisted for the awards will be announced around March 2020. All shortlisted entrants are required to purchase at least one ticket to the awards dinner held on the evening of 12th June 2020 so they are available to receive the award if they are announced to be the winner. Payment for the ticket must be received by 30th April 2020. The ticket fee is £97+VAT per person.
— The Awards will be filmed and photographed with images and footage being used in promotions and marketing
— Please note that in the unlikely event that the venue needs to be changed, a similarly prestigious venue in or around Cardiff will be selected.
— Our general terms and conditions including privacy policy can be found at zokit.co.uk/terms-conditions/
— By submitting an entry for the Zokit Business Awards 2020 you agree to these terms and conditions.

Best of wishes with your entry!

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