The premier awards for service based businesses in South Wales!

Will you make the list?

Closing date for entries: 8th August 2022

Gala Dinner Friday 30th Sept | 12.30pm | Cardiff City Centre

If the application form on this page isn’t loading in your browser, you can access it here


Why is there a registration fee?
This is to cover the administration for processing your award application and allows us to remain wholly independent. It also means we don’t need to inflate the ticket prices (which is what most award organisers do).

Why is membership required?
This forms part of our accreditation, checking and ongoing evaluation in issuing awards and enables us to make a true and fair assessment, maintaining the integrity of the list. For entrants not interested in regular networking, the booster plan is an ideal, low cost option. The minimum membership is only 3 months so you’re not tied in and there are many additional business benefits. You can compare plans here

What is the judging process?
Evaluation is made on a combination of the application form, assessments and checks made through the membership onboarding as well as reviews, recommendations and testimonials. There is a three step judging process from a team of experienced judges to assure independence and ensure the awards go to the most deserving businesses.