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For all your ironing, cleaning, and sewing repairs throughout South Wales.

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About Emily 

About Morton Cleaning Services

Let us deal with all those cleaning jobs that you can’t find the time for. Our qualified technicians will efficiently deep clean your home from your bedroom to your kitchen with ease. We’ve got the tools and the experience to hygienically clean your bathroom, removing all traces of limescale and refreshing grout. We’ll disinfect, polish and mop as well as cleaning doors and light switches. Window sills and frames will be tackled too.

Our highly trained Professionals will use non-toxic cleaning products to safely clean all of your kitchen appliances. Surfaces, work tops, sinks and taps will be polished to their best shape. All grease, grime and food residue will be removed and disposed of responsibly. In the living areas we can clean behind and underneath the furniture, dust, polish and vacuum as we go.