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About Dr Bridget

Dr Bridget is based in South Wales and helps people to get a Mind Set for Success. Following a light bulb moment a few years ago, Dr Bridget gave up her career as a GP and is now what she calls an “Unsticker”.

As a NLP Trainer and Master Coach, she helps people to get rid of the negative voices in their heads that is stopping them from being successful in Business and in Life. She runs workshops, mastermind groups and NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner training.

Her main work is individual coaching and her USP is that she can unstick people in a day in a “Breakthrough session”. This means that people can freely get on with their life in a very short space of time.

She offers a free half – hour session so that people can decide if they want to work with her. She has also written a book called Mind Set for Business Success which is available on Kindle and in hard copy from Amazon. Her main values are purpose, fun, passion and peace and everything that she does links to these values. Download her top tips from her web site.

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