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About Anchor Success

The best business ideas happen organically.

They come from the business owner’s passions and experience. Everything in your business is driven by your ‘why’.

In our case, Anchor Success was born from the unique background and skills of our founder Bob Kennedy. He has decades of experience in sales and business development, and is a qualified NLP Master Coach & Practitioner.

His past roles have included Regional Sales Manager for British Telecom, covering Wales, Midlands and the South West, General Sales Manager Car Shop, Sales Manager for CarCraft, and sales representative at Sparshatts Group.

Bob’s ‘why’ is his desire to help people to succeed and provide for their families.

“My wife and two children are so precious to me, so I understand why many business owners do what they do – to give their families a secure future,” he says.

Bob also spent nine years in the Royal Navy and worked aboard the Royal Yacht Britannia.

So, when it came to the choice of a name for a business helping people to steer their way to sales success, it was natural to draw upon his experiences at sea.
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Set Your Course To Your Sales Destination
Are you lost when it comes to sales?

It’s easy to stray off course because there are so many different issues which demand your time. From dealing with accounts and HR issues to sourcing your supply chain, running a business can feel overwhelming.

Making sales is the bedrock of any business, though. It’s crucial to future success and has to be a key focus point.

Anchor Success gives you the right heading to ensure you reach your dream sales results.

Our simple steps will help you identify the things which are holding you back and help you create the best ways to overcome them.

We help you create the map to sales success.


About Bob

Enjoy spending time with my family – Wife Sheryl, daughter Hannah (8) and Toby (6). Enjoy cycling with local club called Pontyclun Flyers so you could call me a MAMIL.

Travelled the world whilst Serving 10 years in the Royal Navy – 4 of which was working for the Royal Family onboard HMY Brittania