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  • Iscennen Coach & Mentor

    Iscennen Coach and Mentor helps small and medium size business owners to sort themselves out. As they themselves change and grow their business improves. We can use various techniques from Narrative Coaching to NLP and Timeline, only using what is appropriate for the client.   About Business Owner, David Davies Read more [...]

  • Anchor Success

    The best business ideas happen organically. They come from the business owner’s passions and experience. Everything in your business is driven by your ‘why’. In our case, Anchor Success was born from the unique background and skills of our founder Bob Kennedy. He has decades of experience in sales and Read more [...]

  • Action Coach

    As a business coach it is my role to use my skills and experience to guide you to make the changes you want, and see the results you deserve. Just as elite sportsmen/women realise the importance of and make full use of their coach; many business owners are doing the Read more [...]