August’s been great hasn’t it? Too warm to do much but relax, top up the tan and allow lazy summer days to stretch into each other.

But as the whiff of barbecue and Nivea gives way to the whiff of change in the air, now is the time to take stock, refocus and step up your business. Here are 3 questions to consider for what is, for many, the busiest and most transformational period of the year.

Are Your Goals Big Enough?

Maybe you’ve been coasting or perhaps you are expecting this autumn to be ‘more of the same.’ If so you’re missing a trick. People are galvanised by a big challenge – not just you as the challenge setter but also the people around you: your colleagues, staff, clients and other business contacts. So stretch yourself, and enjoy!

Have You Planned for Success?

It always amazes me how people come up with an idea then leave things to chance. We are masters of our own destinies but we need to plan our route to our next destination. I’m not just talking about planning networking activities here but the whole caboodle. What needs to happen, when does it need to happen, where do you need to go and who do you need to make your goals a reality?

How Are You Going to Treat Yourself?

Achieving something completely remarkable is a huge reward. Allow yourself to feel great when you’ve accomplished your goal. Also, mark the occasion with a treat – maybe a new gadget, those shoes you’ve had your eye on, a weekend abroad or whatever works for you. It should be something that you weren’t going to buy anyway, maybe something that wouldn’t have been possible to buy if you hadn’t reached your goal. So what floats your boat?