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Business Presenting That Gets Results

Speaking about your business is a great way to promote your business. How do you get it right from the start?

Ensuring your face to face spoken interactions with potential new clients matches and reinforces the rest of your branding is a key part of your marketing effort.

I refer to it as verbal branding.

Reaching out to potential new clients by speaking and presenting to groups of people who are specifically interested  in hearing what you have to tell them is the way to go. This is a single input – multiple output strategy that, when executed well, can give fantastic results.

Who do you talk to and what do you talk about during your presentation?

There are many things you could talk about but here are three things that you really must determine in order to attract the right people there in the first place and then deliver when they are there.

  • Determine who your ideal or target client actually is. This will allow you to create a presentation theme and content that is aimed at this ideal client. Not a company – a person. You want more examples of this client, right? So to talk directly to them and speak their language you have to know them very well. Spend time to create a highly detailed and specific description (name them) biography of this client – it will be well worth it.
  • Determine what your ideal client’s biggest worry is. What keeps him or her awake at night? What causes him or her most grief? Offering to help them solve or overcome this issue will get them interested in attending and listening to your presentation. Only crazy people talk out loud in an empty room.
  • Determine what value you can offer to your ideal client that will best help them solve or overcome this issue then give it to them. E.g. “Three top tips to reduce stress related staff turnover in the tele-sales industry.” If your ideal client is someone who is being hurt by high staff turnover in the tele-sales industry they will want to attend and if you’re helpful to them as promised then they may very well want to work with you.

There are of course many more facets to an effective presentation but determining these three key elements right at the start will give you a great foundation to build on.

I’m Andy Pope. Get in touch if you’d like to take your business speaking and presenting to a whole new level.


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