Doing the opposite of everyone else can be an effective success strategy…

Whilst most will be putting things off until they “get Christmas out of the way” – working smart now means you can boost your business over Christmas and New Year and be flying in early January without the seasonal slump …and still have plenty of time to enjoy the festivities. Darren Hardy suggests three strategies:

Tip 1

Book appointments for January – people are usually booked up and exhausted in December and can be reluctant to commit to additional meetings …but they are usually under-booked in January. So why not fill your diary in January with appointments. You’ll find in the main that people are less resistant to book in a date for January and calling in December to arrange the appointment means you can also give your season’s greetings and catch people in a cheery mood.

Tip 2

Leverage end-of-year deadlines – some larger businesses will end their financial year in December or have financial targets to meet and so will be keen to spend their budgets …so figure out who these existing and prospective clients are for you and make it easy for them to buy your product or service to mop up their budgetary under-spend.


Give. Now’s the time to pay into your ‘working relationship bank account’ by giving. A nice thought, some free professional advice or a friendly chat over coffee for example can go a long way to build your relationship.

Finally, don’t necessarily assume people won’t buy from you over Christmas just because they’re busy. Sometimes this time of reflection enables decision makers to step back from their day-to-day activities and, in a moment of clarity, realise they need what you offer.