Emma Williams

Holistic Virtual Assistant UK

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Telephone 01685 267004

Mobile 07758292711

Address Ty Bach Twt, Pontpren,Penderyn,Aberdare, CF44 0SX

Email emma@HolisticVAuk.com


Twitter @HolisticVAuk


About Holistic Virtual Assistant UK

Holistic Virtual Assistant UK-Providing a virtual PA service that looks at your business holistically not just the task in hand, to provide a more personable service. Creating a work/life balance for small to medium businesses. Anything from basic administration to social media management.

My ideal client is small to medium business owners/Bloggers/Health/Nutrition/Wellness/Fitness/ Food industry.

About Emma

I’m wonder woman 😉 I’m married, mum of three young boys age 4, 9 and 12. My 4 year old is my biological son and my eldest two are my stepchildren, however all three live with us. I attend a spiritual circle once a week and although I am not really practising at the moment I am a spiritualist. I enjoy cooking and all things vintage. My weekends are spent enjoying time with my family and enjoying the great outdoors, as I am lucky enough to live on the Brecon Beacons National Park.



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