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About Cardiff Bay Chiropractic

The revolution in Health Care is underway and the purpose of Cardiff Bay Chiropractic is to be a leader of this revolution in Wales.

Our aim is to always explain clearly the objectives of chiropractic care and what patients seeking chiropractic services may expect. It is important to us that you and your family understands the role that chiropractic could play in your health care needs, chiropractic is not an alternative therapy, rather chiropractic presents a separate, distinct and necessary element in everyones quest for health.

Patients of all ages receive care from chiropractors for a wide range of problems with their spine, joints or muscles and wellbeing.
Chiropractors take a ‘holistic’ approach to health and wellbeing. This means that they consider every patient’s symptoms in the context of their full medical history, their lifestyle and their personal circumstances before deciding what care and advice should be provided.

About Ben

In 2006 Dr Ben D.C. graduated from Welsh Institute of Chiropractic with First Class Honours and founded Cardiff Bay Chiropractic. Together with his wife Izzy, Dr. Ben D.C. has built one of the busiest family chiropractic clinics in Wales.
Whilst working as a personal trainer at a chiropractic clinic in Sydney, Australia, Dr. Ben D.C. met Dr. Andrew Richards D.C who showed him the benefits of having regular chiropractic care. Dr Ben’s D.C. dedication to the field of chiropractic has meant that he has travelled thousands of miles around the world and invested time and money in implementing the most advanced technologies to date in his practice. His hard work is driven by passion but supported by science.
Dr. Ben D.C. chiropractic experience has been further enhanced since becoming a father and adjusting his own children from birth.
Dr. Ben D.C. has received awards for his commitment to the chiropractic profession which always extends to the families who attend Cardiff Bay Chiropractic.