5 Christmas & New Year Business Tips

For many businesses, Christmas and New Year can feel more like an interruption than a celebration – especially as over the years the holidays have been drawn out to several weeks instead of a few days. Here are 5 things you can do over the festive season that will give your business an instant boost […]

Manjula Bray

Psychology at Work: Improving KASH for Your Business

By Manjula Bray of Selectif Ltd It’s people that will bring you results for your business. Yet many businesses miss two of the most important predictors of success when recruiting to their team. The acronym: KASH encompasses the key areas of focus for employers when assessing candidates for a job. The ‘K’ (Knowledge) and ‘S’ […]

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3 Ways To Be Proactive To Boost Your Profit

Missing deadlines, purchasing at peak times, choosing non-scaling solutions are all ways you can end up overpaying for your essential services. Here are some ways BCR Assocociates’ completely free, proactive service helps improve budgeting, cashflow and profit margin for your business. 1. The cheapest time to buy energy is now Many companies are resigned to […]

Christmas Cardiff 2014

Christmas at Cardiff City Stadium

It may be hotting up for summer but now is the best time to get your Christmas party arranged before all the best places and best deals get booked up! Cardiff City Stadium offer packages from £25pp for private buffets and from £35pp for festive plated menus. Bespoke packages are also available. All available from […]


Are you making excuses?

Excuses Definition of excuse: Excuses can be seductive. And when someone embellishes an excuse with sophisticated sounding reasons, they seem so legitimate. And for anyone working with others, whether we manage, sell, do therapy, teach, parent, relate to loved ones, practice law, etc., dealing with excuses (our own and others) is an important part of […]

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3 Top Email Marketing Tips

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to engage with your target audience, generate leads and repeat sales and build brand awareness. There are lots of enterprise class email marketing software solutions available to make your email marketing simple and effective. I use MailChimp, which has a generous free level and a scalable […]