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About Zaina

Fun Fact: I depend more on my sense of smell than I do on my auditory senses.

About Zaina Kinesiology

Dissolving pain that blocks vitality for premium gut health and emotional existence.

The aim of sessions is to access the mind-body solution via Kinesiology to un-install underlying causes of gut problems through identifying the emotional triggers. This is key as a holistic practice because it addresses unseen issues on 4 levels: Nutritional, Emotional, Structural and Electrical.

Market : People with the typical symptoms of Digestive Problems. They experience the following:

Hip pain especially on the right. Lower back pain. System weakness. Fatigue and lethargy. Neck aches/ stiffness. Shoulder issues. Joint pains. Heart burn. Food sensitivities. Abdominal pain. Headaches. Candida. Eczema. Colitis. Bloating. Nausea. IBS. Depression.

Excess weight

mystery illnesses-

and the list goes on…

The philosophy at Zaina Kinesiology is to get the benefit of finding and CORRECTING an area of weakness that triggers the symptoms on the following levels in ways tailored to your own personal body’s needs…

Stages of a single regular session:

  1. Identifying the imbalance related to the problem instantly without blood tests or machines on the most subtle levels
  2. Finding the nutrition that supports you to be the way you want to be.
  3. Correcting the imbalances on the following 4 levels to bring about desired change:

Emotional – methods which change mind-set and emotional conflict

Electrical – includes nerve support, aura leaks, chakra balances and meridian flow in the body and acupressure.

Structural – Lymphatic support and drainage. Skin, bone and muscular support.

Chemical – Endocrine Boost and Balance: hormone harmony for your weight, mood and immunity. Nutritional challenges for major organs.