Management Mastery

1 day to 5 days or delivered as a bespoke development programme

Management Mastery is a flexible and modular approach for core and advanced management development. The course explores:

  • An individual’s understanding of their role as a manager
  • Management in practice with analysis of approach, personal style and the role of leadership in management
  • Management tools and techniques

Themes covered are:

1. Managing Self & Others
– Understand management and leadership principles and models
– Increase self-awareness of own management and leadership style
– Gain the skills to further develop as an effective manager
– Be able to apply tools and techniques to improve personal effectiveness
– Be able to inspire team to achieve goals which fulfil organisational aims

2. Team Dynamics
– Understand the value of different team roles
– Recognise different personality types
– Adapt communication style to team members
– Apply motivational theory
– Develop high performance teams

3. Service/Business Improvement & Managing Projects
– Differentiate between projects and ‘business as usual’
– Plan and deliver successful departmental projects using proven methodology
– Understand service improvement concepts
– Select and apply the most appropriate service improvement tools
– Lead an improvement culture

4. Presenting & Influencing
– Articulate purpose and remit through presentation of self
– Plan and deliver effective presentations
– Speak with engagement and impact
– Negotiate effectively
– Understand and apply influencing skills

5. Time Management & Effective Meetings
– Understand time management concepts and models
– Create a personal time management approach
– Plan and deliver effective meetings
– Apply meeting facilitation skills
– Increase productivity

6. Managing Change & People Development
– Understand change management concepts and models
– Recognise human responses to change
– Lead change
– Understand coaching concepts and approaches
– Apply coaching skills within the management role

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