Action Centred Leadership

1 day or more

Action Centred Leadership is an immensely flexible framework for leadership development.

The course will explore..

  • An individual’s understanding of their role as a leader.
  • A way of looking at leadership in practice with analysis of personal strengths and areas that require development.
  • The ability to recognise the needs of a situation and the sort of leadership actions that can lead to success.
  • Practice in the leadership techniques that enable individuals to contribute fully to their team’s ability to achieve the task.

The elements of the one day course are:
1. What is leadership?
-What is leadership?
-Key qualities of leadership, including a review of research into the qualities or traits theory of leadership
-Self-assessment of the current leadership style and important
-The situational approach

2. The Three Circles Model
-Functions of leadership
-Sharing decisions

3. Growing Leaders in your Organisation
– Investigating a ten point strategy for developing leadership in your organisation

4. Action Planning Session
-Developing own strategies for improving leadership