Coaching Skills

1 day to 4 days

Coaching is a powerful way to facilitate the self-development of skills, abilities and awareness. It is typically conducted in a one-to-one situation and is useful for boosting performance and inspiring people to be the best they can be.

This course will cover:

  • Core concepts of coaching
  • Coaching models including TGROW and OSCAR
  • Setting things up for success
  • Qualities of an effective coach
  • Coaching in management: when to coach and when to manage
  • Advanced listening skills
  • Artful questioning skills
  • Establishing and maintaining rapport
  • Goal setting
  • Managing the coaching process from start to finish
  • Avoiding the common mistakes most coaches make

Who should attend this Coaching Skills Training:
Managers, directors, business owners, directors and anyone else involved in managing or leading people

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