Business NLP Diploma

Can be delivered 1 day (certificate) to 4 days (diploma)

The Business NLP Diploma brings together the most effective techniques from the field of Neuro Linguistic Programming that can be applied to the business and work environment.

Communicate clearly and effectively
Motivate and inspire people
Boost your career or business
Achieve more in less time
Understand how people work
Get the outcomes you want


This course covers:

  • Concepts of NLP
    Introduction to core concepts relating to business
  • Achieving Outcomes
    How to structure outcomes so that they are fully achieved as intended
  • Build Exquisite Rapport
    Learn the skills for building rapport quickly with colleagues and contacts at all levels
  • Representational Systems
    Understand how people take in, organise and project information and use this to customise your communication more effectively to better understand and be understood
  • Linguistics
    Master linguistic patterns that influence and spot linguistic patterns that are being used by other people. Useful for negotiations and speaking so people listen
  • Values and Beliefs
    Understand how values drive behaviours and colour perceptions. Discover your own values framework and identify empowering beliefs that take you forward as well as overcoming limiting beliefs that may be holding you back
  • Neurological Levels
    Tap into your purpose and understand how different elements of self are linked so that you can align your activities to build the business or career you want in a way that feels authentic and right for you. Learn a problem solving framework you can use for yourself or with others
  • Perceptual Perceptions
    A technique for looking at situations from different perspectives and gaining new insights. Useful for negotiations, conflict resolution and preparing for difficult conversations
  • NLP Presentation Format
    Learn how to work with the 4MAT process to structure presentations, talks and other communications so that your audience is engaged
  • Framing and Reframing
    Work with changing beliefs. perceptions and the meanings people attach to information to become more effective in meetings
  • Hierarchy of Ideas
    Learn how people chunk language and thoughts by abstraction and specificity and how you can use this to improve communication and get better results
  • Meta-model
    Enhance your questioning skills to get precise information from people and artfully challenge assumptions, generalisations and ambiguity
  • Decision Strategies
    Identify and map out how people structure decisions so you can enhance your influence
  • Creative Thinking Strategy
    Learn how to use the Disney Process to generate and evaluate creative ideas for problem solving and improvement. A technique that can be used either on your own or with a group
  • Meta-programmes
    Identify different behavioural patterns that people exhibit to better communicate and work with them
  • Circle of Excellence
    Identify and elicit resourceful emotional states to achieve a mindset that supports the achievement of your goals 
  • Timeline Motivation Technique
    A tool to align outcome, step goals and action steps and identify internal resources to inspire the momentum to achieve what you want, when you want


Who should attend the Business NLP Diploma Training?
Anyone in business or working within the private, public or third sectors and wanting to increase their influence, get better results and take their success to the next level.

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